A series on how financial advice can make people’s money work

Generations of advice

The role of advisers has become key in people’s lives but still, not everyone is aware of the benefits financial advice can bring.

In this series, we focus on the things that really matter to clients and how to address them: the financial knowledge gap, the challenges of running a business in the ever-changing job market and the reality behind pension freedoms and the financial hurdles in retirement.

The following short documentaries, specialist articles and roundtable debates produced by Citywire in association with Invesco Asset Management Limited aim to educate the public on financial matters and show what advisers can do to improve their clients’ life planning.

We cast a look at what advisers are offering to overcome the key generational challenges navigating across three key demographics – young people, self-employed and active retirees – while we expose their evolving needs in uncertain times.

The Video Documentary – Young Money Matters

How can advisers address the financial needs of young people in the UK? In this short documentary we look at the needs of the new generation of investors and savers, their financial habits, and how advisers cater for those. What work still needs to be done to educate young people on money matters?

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Podcast – Giving young people control of their money

Understanding finance is considered a dull task from young people – and not only. How to make people excited about money? Listen what experts are doing to educate young people about their money matters.

The Articles

As some of the least knowledgeable about finance, young people in the UK often struggle when it comes to savings and investing. In these articles we have highlighted some key consideration about financial education and how young people should prepare for inheritance.

The Roundtable

How can advisers serve younger clients and educate them on financial matters? This roundtable provides key insights into how younger generations approach money matters, and how education is key in making sure they’re not left behind in the future.

Roundtable Highlights

Is enough being done to educate young people about their finances? IFAs share their story

Waiting for inheritance:
How to prepare younger clients
New investors, same tools?
IFAs and the roadblocks to financial education


Managing Director, Cervello

Chris Daems is managing director of Cervello, which helps both individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals in line with their values and beliefs. One of the values Daems believes in, both in life and in business, is ‘doing well and doing good’. He believes financial education is important but also that the focus should be on helping young people develop important skills as opposed to just financial knowledge as a fundamental.

Regional Sales Manager, Invesco Asset Management Limited

Michael Filgate previously looked after clients in the East Midlands and is now managing accounts in the South East. He started with Invesco in March 2014, having previously worked as a financial paraplanner for seven years in an IFA practice in London. He graduated from the University of Kent with a joint honours degree in economics and social policy and is currently completing the Advanced Diploma in regulated financial planning.

Director, Finura Partners

Nathan Mead-Wellings is a cofounder, director and financial planner at Finura. Finura was incorporated in January 2014 with a vision to be the most highly referred name in financial services, delivering exceptional client service from start to finish. Mead-Wellings believes investment management is only one small part of the value add, and setting plans in the context of a client’s bigger lifestyle picture and using modelling software to plan scenarios not only enrich the client experience but also lead to meaningful outcomes and improvements. He believes behavioural coaching, tax planning, engaging ongoing communications and management of family wealth drive his client’s financial success, underpinned by a non-contingent charging model.

Financial Planner, Critchleys

Jessica McGuigan is a financial planner at Critchleys. She is a member of the NextGen Planners group and a big advocate of getting young people, especially women, into financial planning. A self-professed foodie, McGuigan enjoys spending her spare time visiting new restaurants and bars.

Chief Operating Officer, HFMC Wealth

Phil Patient joined HFMC Wealth as chief operating officer in 2018, having previously been head of wealth planning at both C Hoare & Co and Fleming Family & Partners (now Stonehage Fleming). With more than 20 years of experience within the industry, he is a highly experienced chartered financial planning professional. Patient is responsible for HFMC Wealth’s advice and service proposition as well as operational efficiency. He is a fellow of the Personal Finance Society, a chartered financial planner and an assistant examiner for the Chartered Insurance Institute in the subject areas of holistic financial planning and pension transfers.

Partner, Holland Hahn & Wills

Amyr Rocha-Lima is a financial planner at Holland Hahn & Wills (HHW) and one of the rising stars of the financial planning profession. He joined HHW in 2017, having spent 10 years in the City and Canary Wharf. Qualifications have been a focus for Rocha-Lima, who graduated from Cass Business School with an MSc in wealth management. He is also a chartered financial planner, a certified financial planner, and a fellow of the Personal Finance Society. He is something of a globetrotter, having spent his childhood in Brazil, Australia and the US. During this time abroad, he returned home for his summers, working on the family farm raising cattle and horses.

Investment Manager, Dart Capital

Kirsty Stone is an investment manager at Dart Capital, advising clients on their long-term financial goals though holistic investment management and financial planning. She holds chartered financial planner status and has a particular specialism in pensions. Stone is passionate about ensuring all of her clients are confident in their own financial security and understand how advice and action undertaken by firms affects their lives. Outside of work, she is a devoted Liverpool fan and is also a member of and treasurer for her local Women’s Institute.

Head of UK Audience Development, Citywire

Ian Horne joined Citywire in 2014 as an audience development executive for New Model Adviser® magazine. He now heads up the audience development team across both Wealth Manager and New Model Adviser® brands, looking for new ways to ensure Citywire connects with its UK readers. As well as managing the UK audience development team, he also chairs numerous Citywire events, roundtable debates and panel discussions, and writes for the On the Road pages of Citywire’s UK magazines. Prior to joining Citywire, Horne was editor of Live-Tennis.com, providing coverage of the ATP and WTA tennis tours and interviewing some of the leading names in the sport. He has also interviewed several prominent country music artists on behalf of Maverick magazine.